Three Things I take very Personally:

1)      I personally designed each purse in my CCC line.  I wanted to create a purse that you could “live” in and use as your everyday handbag.  The bonus was:  It has a separate locking pocket that you can carry your firearm holstered and secure.

2)      I personally select the leather and liner for each style.  It is important to me that the leather (with color, undertones and texture) and liner (must be paisley) complement each other.  I choose the style first then leather color. I use only high quality materials, hardware and zippers.

3)      I personally work with American manufacturers.  My bags are hand crafted, with detail in each stitch.  Each purse is assembled with upmost care to ensure that each purse is not only gorgeous but functional.  It is important that our production in the United States.  I’m proud to have “Made in the USA” label in my purses.

I am in love with the handbags.  Each style is named for the woman that inspired me for that purse.  Each production run is limited, unique with the leather, liner and hardware.  If you see one that “speaks” to you, buy it.  The next run will have different colors, hardware and combinations.  The purses are made in sets of 10 or 20 with 50 being the maximum.  You will have a purse that is not only a limited edition but can be used every day, everywhere.